Why should I register ?

For Employee

  • You can easy find a work you like.
  • Easy to discuss with us and our client what money you would like to see on your payment or what rotation you would like to work(rotation = construction job offers).
  • We represent both sides as client and you as jobseeker the same way.
  • We will never deliver to company we don’t know or we have no idea about situation in that company we offer you to work for.
  • We will also help you in case of some serious troubles.
  • We will contact you with offers we have and we think is right for you.

For Employer

  • Very easy and comfort to find a new employee.
  • We work only with registered clients on our site.
  • We also do a check on companies so we can trust each other.
  • Sometimes we will just call you because we will have the premium workers out of some work and will ask you if you don’t need them.
  • You can post a jobs by your webpage very easy-everything we need is the place of work,salary per hour,how many people you will need,and some small details and we will put the job offer instead of you.
  • Simple and quick process.